Unique California 'tree house' drawing attention to home buyers

MODJESKA CANYON, ORANGE COUNTY -- A unique home near the Cleveland National Forest with a tree growing through the roof is proving to be a big draw to would-be home buyers.

Tucked in near the forest, there's a small community in Orange County's Modjeska Canyon. Within the community, there's a house that was built in the 1930s, about 268 square feet.

Debra Pardee and her family bought the house 10 years ago. She lives across the street and let her daughter lived in the tiny home while she was in college.

The cozy house includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a walk-in closet.

"First thing everyone says when they open the doors, 'Oh how cute!'" You can't describe it as anything other than cute," said Pardee.

Pardee said she put her heart and soul into fixing it up, and is now ready to sell it and the nearly 8,000 square feet of land it sits on.

The home is currently listed for $324,000, and Pardee said it is mostly getting attention from young couples who want to avoid racking up a lot of debt.

"It's small, you can live in here right now, but if you decided you wanted something a little bit bigger along the line, you don't have to sell this place," she said.

Perhaps the most unique part of this home and why people call it the "tree house", is the giant sycamore tree running through the roof.

"Gosh, he's been here longer than me, and he's bigger than me, how could I cut him down, he's so special," said Pardee.

The house also includes a space downstairs, not counted in the square footage. Pardee calls it perfect for a "man cave," but regardless of the home's size, she says it's perfect for enjoying what's around it.

"You see a lot of hummingbirds out here and squirrels and owls hooing at you at night," she said. "It's a pretty cool area here."
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