Chapin family to headline Lincoln Center Winter's Eve celebration

NEW YORK (WABC) -- This year the 16th annual "Winter's Eve" in Lincoln Square stars the Chapin family.

Their most famous musical family member is no longer with us, Harry Chapin.

He wrote "Taxi", "Cats in the Cradle", and he carries on through the music of his remarkable family.

The family that sings together stays together.

That's clearly the harmonious mantra of the Chapin clan.

It is indeed a family affair led by brother Steve and brother Tom, who helps keep alive the memory of the missing brother from this family, Harry Chapin.

Harry was killed in an accident on the Long Island Expressway 34 years ago.

He was just 38-years-old, but he lives on through his family's music.

It's not just Harry Chapin's music that lives on; it's also the things he stood for, like his passion for ending hunger, founding the group called "Why Hunger".

"40th anniversary this year of putting hungry people in touch with food and helping build self-reliance and you think about that on Thanksgiving and Christmas when people are having family and eating and yet there is a quarter of our children going hungry," Tom said.

That brings us back to this family's sing-along. They are carrying on a tradition, because after all, there was a time when families did all sing together. That was their entertainment.

But it is more than that; it is the power of music that keeps bringing them back together.

"I write songs and I deal with the emotion, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' was a great song and it really works that way, there's something very medicinal about it, singing together," Tom said.

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