Baby's first scam?

Seven On Your Side gets gift card money back for moms-to-be
January 15, 2008 7:06:38 AM PST
When getting ready for a baby, the last thing a mom-to-be needs to worry about is a gift card scam. So when some gift cards to "Babies 'R Us" didn't work these women turned to Tappy Phillips and got Seven on their Side. This fraud can deplete your card's balance in the click of computer mouse. We found two young moms who lost hundreds of dollars and were frustrated until they got Seven on their Side.

Donna Finale isn't due until next month. The crib's in place. She even laid out her son's first sleeper, the clothes he'll come home in.

What she doesn't have is her baby shower bucks: A Babies 'R Us gift card worth nearly seven hundred dollars.

"I got gifts from my friends and family," Finale says,"You know, out of love for my shower and the money is all gone."

"They refused to help me," says another mom, Julie Filocomo. Just days after she gave birth, she found someone stole nearly $400 off her Babies 'R Us gift card.

"It sounds like they just stonewalled you?" Tappy asked.

"Yup, they just kept passing me over and over," says Julie. "As far as what they see, someone used my card online, took my numbers and used it online."

It's a new scam: Theives get the card number, check the balance online and then start shopping.

To stop the scam, other retailers now include a scratch off pin number for online purchases. But Babies 'R Us cards have no pin number or security code.

The chain told us they're investigating both thefts. And minutes after we hung up? Julie got a call from Babies 'R Us saying they will give back the money.

Donna got her all her money restored too - and immediately went shopping.

"We will be able to pick up a rocking chair for the baby's room," says Donna, "So, thanks to you guys."

Babies 'R Us also added a hundred and fifty dollars to Julie's gift card for her trouble. They acknowledged their reps "mishandled" both these consumers. And as a result of our report the company is re-training all their customer service reps. They plan to include scratch off security codes on their gift cards sometime later this year. In the meantime, they say they will reimburse anyone who has been victimized by this scam.