Fur theft attempt at Bloomingdale's

Thiefs made attempt at Short Hills Mall
February 13, 2008 3:13:48 PM PST
It's unclear whether would-be thieves got away with anything in a brazen burglary attempt at Short Hills Mall. Millburn police say four men drove a stolen car through the plate glass doors of Bloomingdale's around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday and went to the fur coat section.

Police say they grabbed three racks of coats, but did not get far with them.

Police say the furs are locked to the racks and it's unclear whether the men made off with any.

One was left in the store, the others were still in the parking lot when the men fled in an SUV.

Authorities are still trying to find the suspects.

Bloomingdale's released the following statement:

"At this point we are assessing the situation and fully cooperating with the Milburn Police in this investigation. Our primary concern at all times is the safety and welfare of our employees and customers. It is fortunate that at the time of the incident no one was injured."