Charges after Hofstra student is beaten

April 11, 2008 10:07:20 AM PDT
A Hofstra University student has been charged with orchestrating a brutal group beating of a fraternity brother and romantic rival. Police say the victim was abducted, pistol-whipped and left on a Long Island road in his underwear.Nassau County police say Adam Schelberg was furious because he thought the victim was dating his ex-girlfriend.

"We have two people in custody and we have, three other people that participated in this robbery, kidnapping, this assault and we're looking for them as well," said Det. Lt. Raymond Cote/ Nassau County Police Dept.

The two in custody, 22-year-old Adam Schelberg and Danny Henderson, one of four young men police say, Schelberg recruited to attack his fraternity brother.

Schelberg's lawyer, Salvatore Marinello, says a lot of evidence has yet to come out in the case. He says his client has no criminal history.

Police say Schelberg met up with the 21-year-old victim and drove him to a Hempstead corner. That where, according to reports, four of Schelberg's friends helped him beat the victim.

"Four men approach the car, they open the doors and they get the victim out of the car. They get to beating him around the upper body and in the head with their fists," Det. Cote said.

Investigators say the four men then put the victim back in the car, continued to beat him and even pistol-whipped him.

"As they're driving along they make him start to disrobe. He starts taking off his clothes, they leave him only a few blocks away on Fairview Boulevard where he's left really staring there hurt...with nothing on more than his boxers and a pair of socks,"

A passerby gave lent the victim a cellphone, he called his friend who took him to the hospital.

Schelberg and Henderson were arraigned Thursday on assault, kidnapping, robbery and firearms charges.

A Hofstra spokeswoman did not immediately respond to telephone and e-mail messages early Friday.