Verizon Fios finally paying off

Seven On Your Side
April 25, 2008 1:39:15 PM PDT
Verizon has been expanding its fiber optic service in the New York area. And one of its promotions has been the offer of a free tv for people who sign up for the triple play package. Eyewitness News reported on this several weeks ago, people who have been waiting and have not received their tv. But apparently the problem still exists, and more verizon customers wanted Seven on their Side.

"They give you the runaround they send you to different extensions nobody understands what's going on," said Mrs. Bullard.

Jennifer Bullard is fed up with Verizon. Last November she signed up for the triple play package and the installer gave her some good news.

"He told me i was entitled to a 19" hd tv for getting the triple play," said Jennifer.

Jennifer was supposed to wait for a letter with an authorization code, then she could go online and apply for the tv.

" I have not gotten the letter," said Jennifer.

She's been waiting since November for the television.

When asked if he recieved his own letter for the confirmation code, Brian Donohue said he has not yet recived it; he has also been waiting since November. When he called asking where his letter was, he was told it was in the mail.

Meanwhile, all the bills manage to arrive Brian's address properly and on time, yet somehow this "letter" cannot seem to find it's way to Brian.

Jennifer finally did get a letter, but it had the wrong information.

"I got the letter, but I got a letter for [the] double play," siad Jennifer.

After weeks of calling, Brian was finally told he had missed the deadline. Upon contacting Verizon about not yet recieving the letter, all they had to say was, no exceptions, you're out of luck.

But after they got Seven on their Side, both Jennifer and Brian, received their TVs from verizon.

Verizon told us that both customers had been in their records as having the double play package. Somehow none of the employees at customer service, who said the letters were in the mail, caught on to this "mistake" in record keeping during the phone calls Brian and Jennifer made to Verizon.

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