Body found in car in Queens

May 5, 2008 5:23:02 PM PDT
A sanitation police officer made a gruesome discovery in Queens Monday. As cops were issuing tickets to parked cars, they stumbled upon a grisly scene. They found a body wrapped and bound in a black plastic bag in the back of an SUV left along Park Lane South. Where Forest Park sits on one side of the street, a row of well-kept homes on the other.

The discovery was made by officers issuing tickets to cars that were not moved for alternate side of the street parking.

Peter and Thomasina Brucas live right across the street, and say there is always movement of cars and people, many who come to Forest Park.

"It hasn't been here for more then a week," Brucas said. "Since every Monday is street cleaning."

Authorities say it makes them wonder if someone saw the person who parked the car there.

Rob and Sandra Glovitz frequent the area, and they say they are not surprised the car wasn't noticed right away.

"That is kind of scary, it's kind of strange," Golvitz said.