Child brings cocaine vials to daycare

May 6, 2008 8:40:28 PM PDT
A 3-year-old New Jersey boy who police say brought two empty crack cocaine vials into his East Orange daycare center has been removed from his home. East Orange police detective Andrew DiElmo says the child is now under the care of child protective services.

Khaliyl Hall, a supervisor at Future Hands of Success Childcare, says the 3-year-old boy told his teacher on Monday that he had toys and pulled out two vials.

Hall says there was some white residue on the vials but that no one was injured or ingested anything.

Parents were relieved when they went to pick up their kids and found that the children were well and waiting for them.

"It's sad," one father said. "I, myself, feel that if we, as a community, were patrolling our neighborhoods a lot better, our children wouldn't find those things."

Police believe the boy found the vials somewhere in Irvington, but removed the child until it was pinpointed exactly where he found them.

"It's nerve-wracking," one mother said. "Maybe he picked them up off the street, I don't know."

One family said the toddler told their child that he got the vials from someone named "Timmy."