School give cross-dressing student hard time?

May 7, 2008 8:31:46 AM PDT
A student claims school officials threatened to suspend him if he continued to cross-dress. Seventeen-year-old Michael Loscalzo, a sophomore at Brewster High School has never made a secret about his desire to become a woman.

According to the Journal News Loscalzo has made it a practice of going to class wearing makeup and feminine attire.

Loscalzo said school officials threatened to suspend him Friday if he continued to cross-dress, a claim that administrators denied yesterday.

In a show of support, several students rallied together for an "Equality Protest," and wore garments of the opposite sex to school.

The school's principal says that Loscalzo was spoken to after he reportedly came to school wearing a camisole. However, school officials stressed there were no plans to suspend him for cross-dressing.

Loscalzo reportedly plans to undergo a sex change when he turns 21, and is currently going through counseling to get approved for hormone therapy injections.