Cleanup continues after stong storms

June 9, 2008 4:44:47 PM PDT
From the extreme heat, to the big cleanup on Long Island. Thousands of people spent the day without power, because of the strong storm that moved through yesterday.

At Bethpage State Park, high winds uprooted nearly 100 trees.

From the air News Copter 7 shows just how much damage was left behind, with trees were snapped like toothpicks.

One house had its gutters ripped off, keeping the homeowner busy but thankful something worse didn't happen.

Crews were still out in East Moriches working overtime to clear the streets and give people the ability to plug in a fan or air conditioner and get some relief from this heat.

Its being described as a warzone in East Moriches with trees snapped in two all over the place.

I'm 50-years-old. I've lived here all my life, even in the hurricanes you'd never see it this bad," said Russ Thorsen.

Long Island power authority crews were working the streets, trying to help a final estimated 9,000 people get back on line. In addition to that Eyewitness News ran into everyday people working up a sweat to get things in order as quick as possible.

Three of the five golf courses at Bethpage are shutdown, the red the blue and the yellow until at least Wednesday.

Its Because of about 150 gigantic trees ripped from the ground root and all.

Golf course closings will cost the park about $50,000 dollars a day.

That's not including cleanup costs.