Evacuations following mystery smell at hotel

At the Holiday Inn on Route 22 in NJ
June 20, 2008 4:11:50 AM PDT
A mystery odor forced the evacuation of dozens of people from a hotel in Springfield overnight. Eyewitness News is told guests on the fourth floor of the Holiday Inn Springfield on Route 22 became overcome by a foul odor at around midnight.

Between 50 and 60 guests reportedly complained of various symptoms, including coughing and eye watering.

As a result, all 37 rooms on the floor were evacuated, and the guests were treated in a decontamination tent in the parking lot. Their eyes were washed down as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, the fourth floor was aired out.

After three hours, the guests were allowed to return to their rooms. None had to be taken to the hospital.

Officials were unable to determine what caused the odor. A hotel official said it may have been "a prank."