EXCLUSIVE: Torture victim speaks out

July 21, 2008 5:28:20 PM PDT
Bound, beaten and burned. Two weeks of terror for a young woman when she was tied to a crib, beaten with an electric cord and burned with a lighter. She's telling her story in an exclusive sit-down interview with Eyewitness News' Sarah Wallace, hoping she can help other abuse victims.

This an incredible story of savagery and survival but it could have turned out even uglier then it did.

22-year-old Denetria Council knows that, which is why she wants to send a message to other domestic abuse victims get out early or you may never get out alive.

Council didn't want to show her back on camera, the wounds are just too horrific.

"It's just flesh back there, just open flesh," said Denetria's mom.

With her mother by her side at Woodhull hospital, Denetria, a home health aide, described how her relationship with her 34-year-old boyfriend, Jason Page, escalated from verbal abuse to round the clock battery at the Bushwick home they shared with two children. It went out for two agonizing weeks.

"He was beating me with an extension cord, he tied me up to a crib with duct tape and just beat me on my back. It got to a point in time when I asked him not to beat me on my back. I said beat me anywhere else on my body, my stomach, my face, just not my back because it couldn't take anymore of the pain," said Council.

Denetria said it was just Sunday when Page fell into a deep sleep that she finally got her one chance to escape. She jumped on the subway, four stops to her mother's house but when she got there Page was waiting.

When neighbors yelled they'd called the cops, Page ran down the street with Denetira's mother hot on his heels.

"I look at him as a monster," adds Denetria's mother.

Council adds, "Everyone out there if you're in an abusive relationship, it's the best thing to leave, because you don't know if they will take your life."

Jason Page has been charge with assault and kidnapping.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Sarah Wallace