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August 20, 2008 2:46:47 PM PDT
It was supposed to be the first step in a fresh start. A family was moving from Brooklyn to Texas, but when the moving company loaded up their furniture and demanded thousands more than the estimate, the family called for Tappy Phillips and Seven on their Side. Norma Walker's apartment was just about empty and ready for her move with her family to San Antonio.

"My daughter deceded to take her children out of the city and to relocate where it's quieter," said Walker.

They went online and found 'Special Movers' who quoted them a great price, $2,360. After the truck was loaded, Norma says Special Movers demanded payment in full, which she gave them, but several days later she got a shock.

Norma says Special Movers demanded another $5,000 or everything stayed in a warehouse. Norma doesn't have the money.

"Unfortunately this is a situation that many people find themselves in," said attorney, George Wright.

Transportation attorneys say that there is a little used federal law to stop what they call 'rogue' movers, Movers who pick up your furniture then refuse to give it back until you pay way more than the estimate.

When Eyewitness News went to talk to Special Movers, we got only a closed door.

Their lawyer said that the Walkers had signed a document authorizing the extra charges. Norma says the information was filled in after she signed the paper, a charge the mover denies. So the Walker's goods remain in storage. Attorney wright says he will do what he can to get it to Texas.

To avoid moving problems, check movers with the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Get several estimates and be wary of one that's very low. And get an in-home estimate, that way it's more accurate and there are fewer surprises.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Tappy Phillips

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