Hometown Hero 10/12/2008: Peter Cea

Peter Cea
October 29, 2008 2:29:26 PM PDT
Like the USS Intrepid, Peter Cea may be retired, but he has not stopped serving his community. In the 1960s, Peter served his country as a member of the United States Army. Now, he not only sits on the Board of the Friends of the College of Staten Island/CUNY and helps to raise funds for student scholarships, but also, he volunteers for the Staten Island Special Olympics and has joined his local civic association.

For the past sixteen months, Peter has "found a home," volunteering aboard the USS Intrepid and helping with the restoration efforts, including repairing, sanding, and painting the aircraft and auxiliary equipment that will be on display as part of the museum.

After the Intrepid returns home to Pier 86, Peter plans to be there every week to continue giving back to the community.

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