Hometown Hero 10/19/2008: Amir Sultan

Amir Sultan
October 29, 2008 2:26:42 PM PDT
Hometown Hero, Amir Sultan, is more than just a mentor and coach.He is a source of inspiration to the thousands of youths that he has encountered as the On-Site Director for the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation at Flushing High School and as the Assistant Coach of the basketball team at the Lawrence Woodmere Academy High School.

Many of the youths that Amir has mentored have gone on to become school administrators, teachers and coaches, and as a testament to Amir's impact on his students, many of his former athletes return to the school as mentors and volunteer coaches for clinics.

Amir himself is not only an outstanding citizen, but also, he teaches his students to be outstanding citizens. Lessons that Amir instills in his students go beyond passing and shooting. Working with kids that come from adversities in their personal lives, Amir helps his athletes to build their character and insists that they take responsibility to not only perform their best on the court, but also, in the classroom.

Nominated by a former student, Amir Sultan not only coached that student's team to the New York State Federation of Secondary School Athletic Association Championship for basketball where they won, but, more importantly, because of Amir Sultan academic coaching, every member of that team graduated on time and went on to college.


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