Hometown Hero 10/30/2008: Dallas Eccleston

Dallas Eccleston
October 29, 2008 2:26:10 PM PDT
Dallas Eccleston, is a wonderful father, husband, friend, and a Hometown Hero to everyone who meets him. He is the type of man who is known for stopping on the side of the road to help someone with a flat tire and for or helping someone fix their car or even give them a tow. Dallas also gives back to his community as a volunteer member of his hometown fire department for over 15 years.

In addition to his service to the local community, Dallas, as a true Hometown Hero, also gives back to his country as a member of the armed forces deployed to Iraq. After over a year of service overseas, Dallas returned home with a Medal of Valor and a nomination for a Bronze Star for saving a fellow soldier during a firefight.

Despite having been diagnosed with Type One Diabetes within a year after returning from Iraq, Dallas has adjusted to a new way of life and still manages to watch his two sons full-time. Additionally, Dallas continues to be a Hometown Hero, as he is training to become a State Trooper.


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