Hometown Hero 10/29/2008: Dr. Eugene P. LaSota

Dr. Eugene P. LaSota
October 29, 2008 2:25:32 PM PDT
Hometown Hero Dr. Eugene "Doc" LaSota has been giving back to his community for over forty years.After completing his military service in the Korean War, Dr. LaSota then went on to dental school and eventually began his own practice in Manhattan.

What makes Dr. LaSota such a Hometown Hero is how he has helped so many people, particularly through his volunteer work as a consultant to the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. As a volunteer member of the city's mass disaster team, Doc LaSota served as a Tour Commander of the 9/11 World Trade Center Dental Identification Team, where he and his team were able to identify the remains of over 500 victims. Even at the age of 71, at that time, Doc LaSota worked tirelessly to help families find closure for their loved ones.

Doc LaSota is also an Honorary Police Surgeon for the New York Police Department and treats line of duty injuries suffered by New York City police officers. He also serves as a Consultant to the Office of Professional Discipline. He has served on the Council on Peer Review of the NYS Dental Society and was a member and chairman of the Peer Review Committee of the NYCDS in NYC. Despite having survived three surgeries for a benign brain tumor, a shoulder replacement, two hip replacements and recent spine surgery, Doc LaSota continues to compete as a member of the NYC Police Pistol Team.

Doc LaSota is and continues to be a Hometown Hero for his tireless devotion to city of New York and its people.


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