Boil water advisory in Jersey City

October 15, 2008 4:34:49 AM PDT
Jersey City officials tell Eyewitness News water service has been restored this morning -- following a huge water main break. The 30- inch main burst early Tuesday morning at the intersection of 18th street and Washington Boulevard after 4 a.m.

The main break reportedly left residents of a 20-block section of Jersey City with little or no water pressure.

The water is safe for showering, washing dishes and clothes-- but not for drinking.

The boil water alert will remain in effect for the next three days.

United Water Jersey City Advisory:

United Water Jersey City has issued a boil water advisory to residents in the Newport section of Jersey City as a result of a broken 30-inch water transmission line at the intersection of 18th Street and Washington Street. United Waters emergency crews have shut off water to the broken main and that has greatly reduced pressure in the immediate area.

Jersey City residents living in the Newport section of the City (from 18th Street and Washington Street south to Morris Street) should boil their water for one minute for the following: drinking, cooking, or baking, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula or food, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets, and all other consumption. Water does not have to be boiled for the following activities: showering, washing dishes or clothes.

We are urging all of our customers in the City to conserve their water usage this morning so we can at least maintain some pressure in the affected area, said Tom Neilan, director of operations for United Water. United Waters emergency crews were immediately on the scene of the 30-inch main break, which occurred at approximately 4:00 am this morning. Officials expect the repair will take most of the day.

Water Buffalo Locations

  • Riverside South and New Part Pkwy.
  • Parking lot of 3545/55 and Riverside south
  • Avalon Cove housing area
  • Brand and Washington
  • Exchange Place

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