Shakira's pregnant, but not that way

October 29, 2008 12:44:20 PM PDT
Shakira revealed Wednesday that she is, in fact, expecting. But it's not what you may think. "I'm quite pregnant with my album," the Colombian pop star told a reporter by phone - between laughs - when asked whether her foundation work on behalf of Latin American children has made her want to become a mother.

"Yes, I have plans, but not yet," said Shakira, 31. "I'm pregnant with my songs. But someday, yes."

The singer-activist plans to ask about 20 Latin American presidents at a regional summit in El Salvador on Thursday to direct more resources to poor children and to put early childhood development at the top of their agendas. She will appear on behalf of ALAS (Latin America in Solidarity Action) Foundation, a nonprofit coalition she helped create.

Asked whether she plans to write a song about ALAS, translated as "Wings" in Spanish, the Grammy winner and United Nations goodwill ambassador said it's out of her hands.

"I can't control my muses," she said.