Fla. man recovers from King Cobra bite

October 28, 2008 2:42:01 PM PDT
To be bitten by a poisonous snake and live to tell the tale is what a suburban Homestead, Florida man is doing . Fifty-year-old Albert Killian, an experienced snake handler, is recovering in a Miami area hospital after being bitten on the forearm over the weekend by a king cobra.

Killian, a volunteer at one of the area's a wildlife rescue sanctuary Everglades Outpost, was cleaning out the cage that housed the 13-foot reptile on Sunday when it attacked.

His treatment includes 20 or more vials of anti-venom and a continual watch by doctors.

Usually an attack by a cobra is followed by internal bleeding and respiratory failure. Fortunately Killian did not suffer any serious symptoms.

Experts with the Miami-Dade's Venom Unit say it's been about 15 years since they've treated a king cobra bite.

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