Comedian Mike Bribiglia stars in new show

November 15, 2008 8:55:48 AM PST
Comedian Mike Birbiglia is making his theatrical debut. He is opening himself up to audiences in a whole new way as the star and writer of "Sleepwalk with Me."Q1-So tell me about the show.

A1-It jumps off with the premise that I'm going to tell a story that is a true story, because I actually had an incident sleepwalking where I literally almost died. I start to tell the story and I fill in the details of the story with other stories, so the people get the idea of how this happened in my life.

Q2-So it's more stories than jokes.

A2-It has a campfire feel to it. There's not a lot of bells and whistle. It's not shiny or Broadway-ish. It has the feel of someone telling a very personal story around the campfire.

It's funny because it connects with the audience, and hopefully there's something they can take away with them.

Q3-Can you give me some examples of the details you go into.

A3-One of the things I deal with is the theme of denial. I had sleepwalking incidents for many years before this. I had a dream that there was a hovering insect above my bed and it turned into a jackal. Now, a jackal that would defy gravity and hover over my bed was very scary. So I jumped up on the bed and I said to my girlfriend, "There's a jackal in the bed." She was able to talk me down while I was still asleep.

Another time I dreamed that I was in the Olympics, in this event called "Dust-Bustering." They told me I got third place. I stood up on the podium to receive the medal and the podium was wobbly. Well, I really was up on top of a five-foot high bookcase in the living room, and I fell off. The next morning my girlfriend asked me, "What happened last night, I heard a crash?" I said, "I got third place." You see, even in my wildest dreams I don't get first place. In my wildest dreams, I medal.

Q4-Is this show standup or theater?

Off-Broadway theater presents my show pretty much the same way you'd see me at a comedy club; the biggest physical differences: the use of a lapel mic and a stage covered in shiny blue plexiglass. But one of the elements that makes this a one-man theatrical piece - and not only a stand-up comedy performance - is the material's through line.


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