Woman fights off muggers for what's in her purse

November 19, 2008 5:06:32 PM PST
Marie Conde now realizes the potential danger she placed herself in. Early Sunday morning she boarded the number 3 subway at 148th Street in Harlem for her hour-long ride to work in Brooklyn.

A few stops later with her eyes closed and her head-phones on, she came face-to-face with trouble - three subway muggers.

"He punched my eye... I screamed," Conde said.

The screams echoed through the 72nd Street station. The subway thugs snatched her purse and made their getaway up the stairs... or at least they tried.

"Before he goes to the stairs, I take the bag from him. He pushed me back on the floor," she said.

The 26-year-old from Guinea then latched on to the wrist of one of the muggers. His partner-in-crime pleaded with her to let go, which she did, but not before securing her purse.

What was in the bag that was so important? Not money.

"I have my green card, my passport and my papers over there. The guys steal my money from my bag, but he's gonna throw my bag, so I will have lost my papers," she explained.

Police caught up with and arrested two of the muggers.

Conde had doctors at New York Presbyterian examine her eye. She said she's okay and promised not to take matters into her own hands anymore, no matter what's in her purse.

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