Pedestrian struck by car and bus

December 8, 2008 4:09:34 PM PST
Police in the Bronx are searching for the driver in a deadly hit and run, who they say targeted his victim. A 29-year-old was struck, his body thrown into the path of an oncoming bus at east 180th street and Washington Avenue in the Tremont section.

Bad enough that it was a hit and run, and now that it seems intentional, now the question is what were these men arguing over.

A witness says he saw the entire incident from his window. Loud fighting woke him up and when he looked outside, it looked like the accident happened intentionally.

Police confirm the car, which was abandoned tried to hit the 25-year-old man who later died. After the car hit the man, he was hit by a bus.

"I think the car was the fatal hit," said, Kenton Robinson.

The fighting started at a baby shower, and lasted many hours, and eventually spilled into the street, according to police sources.

Robinson adds, "To me it's very sad."

Police are searching for the suspect that was behind the wheel at the time of the incident.

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