Alleged fake dentist busted in Westchester

December 24, 2008 3:16:37 PM PST
A man in Peekskill is accused of practicing without a license. Investigators say he had all the tools and treated patients in the kitchen of his home.

An alleged bogus dental practice set up in a kitchen, complete with a chair next to a radiator, and antiquated instruments caked in blood. Tools of an illegal trade police say operated out of a house in Peekskill.

Under arrest is Carlos Flores. The 68-year-old told investigators he was a licensed dentist in his native Ecuador.

Police were tipped to the practice by the victim of a botched tooth extraction who wound up needing treatment at an emergency room.

Police say there were two birds loose in the house, and on the kitchen table. A jug of wine Flores allegedly gave patients to help deal with the pain.

Kathleen Brieger runs a facility that caters to Peekskill's sizable Hispanic population. The center treats anyone regardless of income or immigration status.

Flores is facing felony charges of practicing dentistry without a license.


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