Discover the local treasure chest on Governors Island

The News Leader

June 3, 2010 3:08:46 PM PDT
Governors Island is a unique slice of paradise in the heart of New York Harbor, located just 800 yards off lower Manhattan in the middle of the harbor.

While no one lives on the island, there is plenty of activity. With just a 5-minute ride on the ferry to Nolan Park, you can buy handmade items from more than two dozen artists who turned an old military home into the Treasure Chest boutique.

These up and coming artists usually sell their goods on a virtual marketplace called, but for the next few months, their creations are for sale all under one roof.

Kimm Alfonso, a local artist, is thrilled to be take part in this unique project.

"I'm a native New Yorker, grew up in the Bronx live in Brooklyn and something like this is so magical in the city, it's something special every time you come to the island," said Alfonso. "When they came to us with an idea of having us do something here, it was so open and it was really about what we could bring to the island."

The boutique has a variety of artwork with something there for everyone. You'll find that many pieces reflect the artists love of New York.

Leslie Koch of the Governor's Island Preservation and Education Corp believes that the artwork illustrates the artists' connection to the island.

"Early on when people first started talking about Governors Island becoming part of the city and state, artists were always interested, intrigued, and kind of inspired," said Koch.

The Treasure Chest Boutique on Governors Island opens a new venue for striving artists to showcase their talent.

"There aren't many places for people to respond to new settings to do site specific work. While we have the greatest museums in the world, sometimes there aren't as many opportunities for a young working artists to display their work, or respond to a setting, so we're really happy ton provide that and compliment what New York is already famous for," said Koch.

The Treasure Chest will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Sept 5.