Remembering NYC's 1st swine flu death

May 20, 2009 10:42:10 PM PDT
There was a funeral Wednesday for assistant principal Mitchell Wiener -- New York City's first fatality from the swine flu.A memorial of candles and flowers line the steps of I.S. 238 to remember Mitchell Wiener.

The assistant principal died on Sunday, becoming New York City's first swine flu-related death.

Although he had been seriously ill, Wiener's family thought he had turned the corner, believing he would pull through. Sadly, his condition worsened and he died.

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  • The 55-year-old was formally a math teacher with 30 years experience. He was also a devoted husband, father of three and a little league coach. He had been sick for nearly a week and hospitalized for days before his school was closed last Thursday.

    In a statement earlier this week, Mayor Bloomberg called him, "a well-liked and devoted educator," adding his death is "a loss for our schools and our city."

    His wife says he simply enjoyed his work.


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