Furniture delivery debacle

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September 7, 2009 2:58:43 PM PDT
Buying furniture can be costly, but it can make an empty apartment feel like home. A local couple bit the bullet and bought furniture, but it never arrived. After waiting and waiting and still no furniture, they turned to Tappy Phillips and got 7 On Their Side. The young couple had just moved into their first apartment. They bought furniture and some of it was delivered. But for months they were without a dining room table and the $1500 they spent on it.

Joseph Gonzalez's dining area is sparse. He has no dining room table. For the last few months, his family had to eat on tv tables on their couch. "There's a big, empty space where the table was supposed to be," pointed out Mr. Gonzalez.

Joseph had gone to a Huffman Koos in Queens Village in early May to buy new furniture for their first apartment. The couch arrived, but there were problems with the dining room table.

"It was on back order. It wasn't in stock at the time, they told me it would take one to two weeks, you know, to have it in stock.

Joseph says he took off work and waited at home for the delivery 3 times. "They always had a different excuse. 'It broke on the truck. It's in the warehouse.' It was always something different going on."

Bottom line? No furniture ever arrived. Joseph finally gave up and went to the store to ask for a refund.

"I went down there in July, 6th, I believe, to get a refund," said the frustrated furniture store customer. "They told me 3 to 4 days. They were very polite. And nothing every came about it. (I) visited the store many times, called them, promises, call backs, nothing ever came."

So Seven on Your Side called the furniture giant, once. And just minutes later?

The regional service manager called Joseph to apologize, saying she had authorized the refund before and didn't know why it wasn't done. She followed up with a letter saying the delay in sending the refund was an "honest mistake." They put a credit of over $1500 on his credit card and sent a gift certificate for $200.

Remember, in both New York and New Jersey furniture stores must give you a delivery date in writing. If they don't don't deliver, you can get another date in writing or ask for a refund. It's suggested you make your refund request in writing and send it return receipt requested so there's a record of it.


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone

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