Coupon Savings Online

September 19, 2009 6:10:20 AM PDT
It's the 100th anniversary of the coupon this month. So, in its honor, it's National Coupon Month. While times have changed, the desire to save lives on. Julia Gaynor, the Chief Savings Officer of, joined us with some coupon tips. How can we get regular grocery items like cereal and toothpaste for less?

Popular online coupon sites like update their printable grocery coupons at least once per week.

Kids grow out of clothes so quickly. What can parents do to help lower the costs?

Most moms are willing to sell and trade their children's old clothes for a fraction of the original cost. Invite the moms in your neighborhood over for a clothing swap party or find similar events taking place in your community on or your town Web site.

In this economy, most people are choosing to stay home and cook. How can diners save if they want to treat themselves to a night on the town?

Many restaurants offer mid-week specials and kids eat free deals. Signing up for your favorite restaurant's email list will keep you informed of offers. Every major city hosts a "Restaurant Week" throughout the year that attracts five-star eateries.

Vacations aren't normally wallet-friendly. Where are the best places to find discounts?

Right now, cruises offer the best vacation deals. You can find fantastic 4-night cruises with all expenses paid for $300. In regards to booking flights, and offer bargain basement prices all of the time. If you want to travel by car, do an online search for rental car coupons before you leave home and remember to apply your AAA membership information to increase the overall discount.

How can viewers save on their home entertainment wants, like videos and books?

You can shop for used books and music at or For a more high-tech approach, use a book, CD and music-swapping sites like You'll only pay for postage!

Eye care can be quite expensive. How can viewers cut costs when buying contacts?

Don't be tempted to buy lenses directly from your optometrist at full price! Companies like 1-800-Contacts and Coastal Contacts provide coupons that can be applied for free-trial pairs and deals at contact lens manufacturers.

Many commercials advertise the best deals in insurance rates. What is the best way to insure you get the right deal?

Bundle your car and home policies to save money on insurance premiums and always ask if insurance company offers alumni or AAA member discounts. Buyers can also make the insurance carriers aware that you're shopping around for the best quote. They may be willing to negotiate.

How can I make sure I get new shoes for fall? and are a shoe-in for discount footwear on the Web. Additionally, the Web site offers savings opportunities on your next visit every time you shop! Buy one pair of shoes at a time to take advantage of these deals.