Crime concern for Fordham students

September 18, 2009 3:31:25 PM PDT
The school year has barely gotten started at Fordham University in the Bronx, but already four different students have been targeted at an off-campus apartment building. The address is 2505 Lorillard Place.

"I was just cornered, like, right in this space," explained Ben Guhin, a Fordham senior who was attacked and robbed back on August 22.

He says several teens pointed steak knives at him, then beat him and took everything he had.

"I didn't know what to do and then suddenly, they just started hitting me. I got a gash in my head. I had to get 7 staples," he said.

Ben immediately asked his landlord to put in security cameras, and he wasn't the only one. But that hasn't happened.

This week alone three others were victimized. One was attacked Monday right in the building's entrance. Two others were approached by suspects outside the building on Wednesday night and Thursday night.

"We asked for security cameras in the laundry room. We asked for security cameras in the lobby. No security cameras," grad student Christina Carlson said.

A spokesman at Fordham says they are working with the NYPD to investigate the similarities between the attacks. Patrols near the building will increase.

Still, tenants here are most certainly on edge. Many are frustrated, wondering if better protection might have led police to the suspects by now.

Late this afternoon, we did speak to the building's landlord. He assured us, he will install security camera in the coming weeks.

Students hope, at the very least, it's a deterrent, something that will give them a little more peace of mind.

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