Neighbors honor a good man murdered

October 9, 2009 10:34:42 AM PDT
The small memorial outside on West 144th Street in Harlem is small, but the feelings here are not. Neighbors like Julito and Yajaira penned "All I hope is that you're sitting right next to God watching over your family."

Many admit they weren't close enough to have pictures of Marc Betancourt, 39, but they say they know a good man and a good father when they see one.

"He was nice to everybody in the neighborhood. He took care of everybody. He never had an argument with nobody," one neighbor said.

"Good person. Nice person. He took care of his young child. I always saw him walking the dog. It's sad. He was innocent. He was just trying to help out," Tamika Roseboro said.

That's what witnesses say happened Wednesday night.

Police say Carlton Lewis, 21, tried to kick out his mother's boyfriend in apartment 4B.

Lewis allegedly stabbed the man in his 50's, who survived.

When Betancourt tried to intervene, Lewis allegedly stabbed the young father to death.

Betancourt's son was just a few feet away, but he was not hurt.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the suspect even waved the foot long dagger at police.

"The perpetrator is standing there with a dagger. He says to them, 'Do you want a piece of this?'" Kelly explained.

Police shot and killed Lewis.

Neighbor Esperanza Ramirez says the young father always helped and even did handy work around the building like when he fixed her little boy's fish tank.

"He was always very helpful and was very good with his son. He always took their dog downstairs and talk to everybody. We're still in shock," Ramirez said.

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