Blast of the arctic hits the region

December 15, 2010 11:19:26 AM PST
Many New Yorkers braced themselves before they went out today, knowing exactly how long they'd have to withstand the cold to get where they had to go. "It's cold, Very cold," some German tourists told us.

Anyone walking the streets of New York on Tuesday was layered up.

Forty to fifty mile per hour winds coupled with temperatures in the 20's is the definition of bitter, painful cold.

"It kind of hurts your ears," Emma Hogan said.

Some families in Brownsville could not count on the comforts of home to be their refuge from the cold for most of the day.

Inside a 12 unit apartment building on Remsen Avenue, Ethel Clacken was boiling a pot of water. Her stove and a space heater are the only forms of heat she has. She's been complaining about a broken radiator since October. It didn't kick in automatically like it was supposed to when the temperature dropped below 55 .

"I have to use my oven and my stove top to get heat. It's not (enough). They do nothing," Clacken said.

After Eyewitness News called the property management company, residents like Debra Grant say the super started making repairs.

"Maybe he figured you guys were coming and they wanted to fix it, but we just don't have any heat," Grant said.

The Housing Preservation and Development Department has an inspection scheduled on Wednesday to follow up on two heat complaints made this week.

The heat was back on inside the building by late Tuesday afternoon.