Big chill hits Tri-State area

January 4, 2010 4:22:04 PM PST
2010, it isn't just the year, it's also the temperature and the wind chill. Winter is hitting hard and making people think twice about going outside.

There was also snow on Long Island, making for some dangerous driving conditions.

With people bundled up head to toe, the only other time you'll see people's face bundled up would be Halloween.

When it comes to warm clothing, quantity means quality.

Dressing for the weather isn't just for comfort, but for safety as well.

"You can lose a lot of heat rapidly, so young kids need to be dressed up with lots of layers," said Dr. Gabe Wilson with St. Lukes Hospital. "The hands need to be protected, the head, and the feet," he adds.

The residents at 639 Eastern Pkwy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, haven't had heat or running water since Friday because of a broken pipe.

The landlord says he's working hard to fix the problem, but the residents say it's taking too long.

Nassau County is offering its Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) to help those who might have trouble heating their homes. CLICK HERE for more information on Nassau County's HEAP initiative.