Undercover NYPD officers grazed by cop's bullet

January 5, 2010 8:30:48 PM PST
Two NYPD officers were injured after they were grazed by a bullet fired by a fellow officer aiming at a pit bull in the Bronx. Police say the officers suffered non life-threatening injuries, and were conscious and speaking at Jacobi Hospital. The incident began not far from 2471 Davidson Ave. in the Bronx.

Police say plainclothes officers in an unmarked police car were accused by eight members of the neighborhood as being cops. One of the men then allegedly fled to a basement apartment and released the dog at the pursuing officers.

One officer fired one shot, which splintered off the charging dog and hit the other two officers, one in the face and one in the leg. Police took the eight men into custody, but are still trying to figure out who released the dog. The pit bull was struck in a leg, but was not seriously hurt.