Treat your skin right in 2010

January 7, 2010 3:21:01 PM PST
Wondering how you can get healthier, great-looking skin in 2010? We've got what you need to know. Some of these tips won't cost you a penny, while others require a trip to the doctor for a prescription or a treatment. All of them can help your skin and your look.

"As an internist and a dermatologist, I see people from the inside out and the outside in," Dr. David Colbert said.

And that's why he wrote the High School Reunion Diet, a book loaded with tips that will help you lose weight and also improve your skin.

His first tip?

"Don't eat so much sugar," he said. "Eliminate most of it from your diet, maybe exhange it for...something more natural for a lower glycemic index."

The next step is to toss out your make up and brushes.

"Make up can grow bacteria and fungus in them," he said. "So it's a good idea to get fresh makeup once a year, maybe even twice a year."

The third tip is to spend $20 to $40 on an at-home peel to slough away dead skin. But don't forget certain parts of your body.

"Your chest and your hands can give away your age," he said.

So see a dermatologist who can target those brown spots - the result of age and sun damage. Stronger acid peels and a blast of nitrogen are effective.

Tip five - Ask your doctor about Latisse, for eye lashes.

"It actually lengthens the life span of a follicle, so the lashes last longer and look thicker," he said. "And that makes you look younger."

Tip six is to zap broken capillaries with the Vbeam.

With no downtime, it removes broken capillaries that come with age.

"We accrue blood vessels, and they sort of make us look red and blotchy," he said. "So getting rid of them makes us look younger."

And finally, there's the triad, an indulgent treatment for the entire body. It includes Dermabrasion, followed by a laser to stimulate collagen, followed by a peel.

"It makes your body feel, head to toe, like baby skin," Dr. Colbert said.

And who wouldn't like that?

"All these things will make you look and feel younger," he said. "And make sure you go to the gym."

Going to the gym is Dr. Colbert's bonus tip. His book is available now. Click here to view Dr. Colbert's book on