Change in parking rules for some in the Bronx

January 8, 2010 9:24:52 PM PST
No more double-parking, no more tickets, and for Raphael Garcia, no more alarm clock reminding him to move the car. Alternate side parking regulations are suspended for six to eight weeks in parts of Kingsbridge, Van Cortlandt Village and Kingsbridge Heights.

"Actually two alarms. One for 9:30 for when I park in that zone and one for 10:50 cause then I can move the car to the other end," Garcia said.

The parking suspension allows Department of Transportation workers to change street signs that highlight still more good news.

Alternate side parking regulations throughout Community Board 8 will soon be reduced from two days a week to one.

The good news culminates two years of work by Tony Perez Cassino. He ultimately used Department of Sanitation reports to convince city leaders the street sweepers need to come by only once a week.

"Our streets are clean. So we didn't need two days a week. So it's inefficient. Secondly, it gives motorists a break. It's become a source of revenue," Perez said.

Has it ever. John McCoy told us the number of tickets he's received over the years could practically buy him a new car. In fact, he and his friends didn't believe our 'parking suspension' story until we showed them the DOT press release.

"Save a lot more money. Save a lot more money. You come out here two minutes late, you already got a ticket for double parking. 100 and something dollars," McCoy said.

"I actually went into work late a few times because I had to be there at 11:30 to move the car all the way to 1:00. I had to take a two hour break from work," Kevin Martinez said.

With all the new parking regulations here in the Bronx, it is important to remember some rules remain unchanged. You still have to pump the meter.

For more information about the new rules, please click here to visit the DOT website.