Operation 7: Save a Life

Operation 7: Save a Life

February 1, 2010 11:12:45 AM PST
WABC-TV's annual presentation of Operation 7: Save a Life has lifesaving information for parents and kids. This year, we find out what it takes to be a survivor. Bill Ritter interviews Ben Sherwood author of "The Survivors Club" for specific tips on how to avoid being a victim and survive a life threatening experience.

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We learn about an Emergency planning initiative "Let's get Ready" created by Sesame Workshop that is a collaboration between New York- Presbyterian/Weill Cornell and the New York Office of Emergency Management.

Training children on how to react in emergencies proved to be important for a 5 year old in Queens who helped save his pregnant mom by dialing 911. We see the FDNY honoring him by making him a Junior Medic.

For fire safety tips in the kitchen, we turn to Firefighter Don Sierp / FDNY, a finalist in the Daily News/Rachel Ray 5 Alarm cook-off. As he cooks, he'll give us kitchen safety tips. We learn the basics of how to use a fire extinguisher properly and why there are different types.

We also take viewers to the World Burn Congress, held for the first time in NYC this past summer. We'll hear from burn specialists at Weill Cornell burn unit and learn about the importance of transitioning from being a burn victim to a survivor. We'll see how makeup is used to help those with burns feel like a normal member of society again.

And lastly we hear how lives are being saved in the rank and file of the FDNY as its members hear from their own brothers about how to avoid potential fatal mistakes on the job.