Cleanup continues after Monday's storm

January 26, 2010 8:34:38 AM PST
The Tri-State Area is cleaning up after Monday's storm pummeled the area, toppling trees and causing floods and blackouts.Students at Washington Township High School in Gloucester County were sent home early Monday after severe weather damaged the school's roof.

And there are lingering power problems Tuesday morning.

Latest Power Outages

Long Island -- 1,556 New Jersey -- 250 Westchester -- 344 Rockland -- 57 Orange -- 15 Connecticut -- 1,380

At the height of Monday's storm, some 7,000 people were without power in Rockland County.

Utility crews have been working almost 24 hours on 9W in Nyack, which is still closed Tuesday morning.

The entire Tri-State Area got slammed by the intense storm that flew through the area.

Power is back on Tuesday in many parts of Queens.

In Douglaston, crews cleared downed trees and spent Monday night clearing up the massive mess.

Utility crews also hustled to restore powered in the blackened out neighborhoods.

Residents say losing power is a common problem because of all the huge old trees in the neighborhood.

On Long Island, parts of the North Shore are still left without power.

In Lower Manhattan, One Square Bloch is still closed around the Beekman Tower on Spruce Street because of falling debris from a building construction site.

Heavy winds blew material off the 77-story building on Spruce.

The contractor has been hit with two violations: for failing to provide safe guards and for storing material at the edge of the building.

Meanwhile, there was a close call in New Jersey when a sudden, strong gust of wind blew down a tree and a utility pole in Teaneck.

Thankfully, they both just missed the nearby home.

But, it's still quite a mess to cleanup.