The boy who needed a school bus

March 24, 2010 8:29:24 PM PDT
Angela Gumbs paid an unsuccessful visit to her district office of the Department of Education on Wednesday.

She had wanted to arrange school bus transportation for her 5 year old son, Seymour.

"Monday, I couldn't go to work. Today I can't go to work because they can't get him on a bus, and I was offered a Metrocard for him yesterday," she explained.

Seymour has been re-assigned to P.S. 87. The school is miles from their home, but he needs to go there to receive special education services.

He knows he could never ride a city bus alone. His 10-year old sister, Tiffany, rides a school bus to the same school.

Seymour was a 'general' education student at P.S. 87 in September with school bus service.

After two months, following a series of behavior problems, his mother enrolled him at a Catholic school, but the problems continued.

"So finally, after they evaluated him, I find out it's high functioning autism," Gumbs said.

As of this week, he is assigned to P.S. 87 with special education considerations.

"It's the kind of place that I want to go to school," Seymour said.

His mother tells us she is very pleased with the administration at the school and their plans to provide the proper services for her son.

Late Wednesday, following the involvement of Eyewitness News, Ms. Gumbs was informed that she would have school bus service for Seymour starting on Thursday.