LI health aide accused of sexually assaulting patients

April 8, 2010 10:09:28 AM PDT
There are serious charges filed against for a former aide at two group homes on Long Island. Pervez Mahmuc is accused of sexually abusing five developmentally disabled patients at the homes, located in Southold and Bay Shore.

On his way into court, Mahmud claimed the allegations against him were a lie. But five developmentally disabled adults testified before a grand jury that he had sexually abused them. And the grand jury believed them.

"While the defendant has no prior criminal involvement, it appears that he did take jobs that put him in a position to have authority over vulnerable adults," Suffolk County DA Tom Spota said.

For the past year and a half, the 63-year-old father and grandfather has worked as an aide at group homes for the mentally challenged, owned by an organization called AHRC. He spent most of his time at a home in Southold. But in November, he briefly filled in at another home in Bay Shore, where a resident came forward with a disturbing story.

"I think it's totally horendous that he could do something like this to these people," AHRC executive director Joe Mammolito said.

Mammolito says Mahmud was immediately suspended as an investigation turned up five more victims in Southold ranging in age from 45 to 71.

Prosecutors say Mahmud actually had sex with one of the women multiple times. And in many cases, they say he took advantage of them while off property, while driving them to doctor appointments in a vans.

"They absolutely were aware it was wrong," Mammolito said. "They're very high functioning ladies, but as individuals sometimes feel they're gonna get in trouble if they speak up, they kept it quiet. And thank God one of them actually came forward."

One by one, the victims opened up to the grand jury. And prosecutors on Wednesday unsealed a 20-count indictment against Mahmud, amid word that the investigation is not yet over.