The best neighborhood in New York City

April 15, 2010 8:34:37 PM PDT
When it comes to housing, it's an absolute steal. The train ride to Midtown takes about 15 minutes. In terms of diversity, it tops the list. Welcome to Sunnyside, Queens. It's the third most livable neighborhood in New York City.

"As far as shopping, you can find a wide variety of different types of food with the restaurants here and the supermarkets. Everything is just so convenient," Dilek Secilmis said.

"In one block you can see people from 20 different nations. It's very diverse. It's quiet. Everything is within reach -- restaurants, supermarkets, 7 train," Daniel Cruz said.

It took the writers and editors at New York Magazine four months to research, review and rank the city's neighborhoods in 12 statistical categories such as housing, schools, transit and nightlife. And perhaps the biggest surprise was the neighborhood ranked number 2: Manhattan's Lower East Side.

"It's housing stock is a little run down. We're talking about tenements. Some are renovated. Some are not. But the Lower East Side is the place where people love to hang out at night. It's got the best nightlife," Michael Idov of New York Magazine said.

Rob and Emily Shamlian know all about the attributes of the Lower East Side. They live here. They work here. And they're raising two kids here.

"In terms of the children, and this is something people don't often think of when they think of the Lower East Side - is the amazing community down below Delancey. There are so many families raising their kids there. It's like a play date everyday," Emily Shamlian said.

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Finally, the number 1 neighborhood in all of New York City. It's located next to Prospect Park. It is loaded with plenty of green space. It's packed with restaurants and bars. The schools are good. The brownstones are beautiful.

Number one is Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's been Susan Lee Bady's home for the last 32-years.

"It's wonderful. I really enjoy it. I like walking down the street seeing the people here, saying hello to friends, neighbors all the time," Bady said.

"This time of year I love to see the flowers and especially the cherry blossoms," Sandor Weisberger said.

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