Gas saving tips

April 16, 2010 3:32:53 PM PDT
While you can't do much about rising prices at the gas pump, there are ways you can save money by running your car more efficiently. It's happening right before our eyes, out with the lower prices, in with the higher ones.

That's what happens this time of year.

All across the tri-state area people are saying high gas prices are hitting them in their pockets.

Some people say they're considering joining a carpool.

Another option is to change your habits behind the wheel.

Driving the speed limit instead of road raging ahead will save you gas and therefore money.

Submit your gas savings tips HERE. found that you can save as much as 37% if you just cool it, accelerate and break nice and easy.

Experts also suggest using your cruise control.

"Yes, cruise control saves gas because it maintains a certain speed. The whole idea is maintaining the speed limit is always better than stop and go," explained Fadel Gheit, a Petroleum Analyst.

Drivers that Eyewitness News spoke with suggested simply opening your windows.

Using your windows instead of your air conditioning can save you valuable gas money.

While the air conditioner's compressor does pull power from the engine, it spends fuel in the process.

It's a pretty small amount of fuel and the study says in truth, climate control will not waste your money, but idling will.

"When you idle you're not moving, yet you are burning gasoline so that's not a good idea," Gheit said.

If you turn off the car while you wait, you can save 19%. Some drivers suggest turning off your car all together, saying it's better if you just take a bike.

The free ride is always the best, but in the absence of that, keep up with your car maintenance and keep an eye on your driving.

By changing the way you drive, you could save some money this spring and summer.

Eyewitness News Viewers emailed their comments and suggested:

"To save money on gas I try to plan out my day so that I only take the car out once. I have an SUV so I need to budget my gas. Right now I just filled up and it cost me almost $50.00 to fill up and I commute to White Plains everyday. Plan route of all your excursions. Take shortest route all else fails walk." Joyel Whitford, New Milford, New Jersey.

"What I usually try to do, is simply not use as much gas while driving; keep pressure off the gas pedal. People would be surprised as to how much gas a heavy foot can excess. I try to cruise when possible, if the area has slope to it or bends, I try to use the road to my advantage. This way I am not telling the car to eat as much gas, and instead use natural forces to keep the car suspended in motion. Another way not to use as much gas, is to slow at traffic light- as opposed to completely stopping. Some people don't pay attention if they will likely be faced with a red light, yield, or traffic. It is noticeable when these drivers push the gas pedal with no intention of stopping, then are faced with hitting the brake to a stop. This is a waste of gas. Instead, the driver is forced to pay more attention to the road - which is always better- if they watched the road pattern ahead of them, kept better control of speed, and pressure on the gas pedal." Zehava Shoshana, Brooklyn, NY

"I balance my staffing schedule/budget so I only have to drive into work 3 or 4 days week, as opposed to the 7 I used to." Robert Stevens, New York, NY

"I purchased a smart car in July of 2008 which I use in the winter, and in the summer I use my bike which I purchased for $1, yes one dollar. My husband also bikes to work." Veronica Thaxton, New York, NY

"Clean your fuel injector at least every three months." Samuel Garrett, New York, NY

"Take mass transit. Buy fuel efficient cars." unidentified viewer

"Make sure your car does not have alot of junk in you trunk. Make sure your tires are inflated to proper pressure." Aleksey Vladikin, location not known

"I ride my bike everywhere." Maria Sineri, Staten Island, NY