Missing woman found buried in barn

April 19, 2010 2:44:51 PM PDT
A cold case has been re-opened after human remains were found buried in a barn in Connecticut. The remains were identified as those of a woman who disappeared more than 25 years ago.

"I just want this to end," Helen Gough said.

For Gough of Bridgeport, the 26-year mystery surrounding her sister's disappearance has entered a new phase -- who killed 30-year-old Elizabeth Heath.

During a renovation at Heath's former home on Poverty Hollow Road in Newtown last week, workers discovered skeletal remains below a plywood subfloor of a barn. The medical examiner determined the remains belonged to Elizabeth Heath.

"I got the impression the police were looking into it and that she must have taken off. That was the impression they gave us," Gough said.

Newtown police didn't want to talk on camera, but on Monday said they've launched a homicide investigation.

Authorities had nothing to say about John Heath, the victim's husband who reported her missing on April 6, 1984.

Heath has since remarried and lives in nearby Bridgewater. When we knocked on the door, the person who answered declined to comment.

"He was always a nice person. I could never think something bad like that," Gough said.

We spoke with heath's criminal defense lawyer who told us he had no comment regarding the grim discovery in the barn.

It was the current homeowner who found Heath's remains, but Jordan Wright didn't want to show us the basement compartment that held a 26-year-old secret.

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