2 magazine salesmen accused of burglary

May 10, 2010 8:30:06 PM PDT
They were supposed to be magazine salesmen, but Stamford Police say 18-year-old Paul Keller of Indianapolis and 24-year-old Gordon Waldron of Harlem were much more than that. Investigators say the pair broke into an empty house in the city's High Ridge section on Friday.

The homeowner told Eyewitness News off-camera that she called police after noticing her back screen was cut and some jewelry was missing.

Police caught up with the suspects only a few streets away.

"And they searched him, and sure enough they had my jewelry on him," said the homeowner, who wished to stay unidentified.

Stamford Police say aggressive door-to-door salesmen have become a common problem.

Furthermore, neither Keller nor Waldron had the necessary permit to solicit in the city.

Lastly, investigators told Eyewitness News that magazine companies often hire young men from out of town, and then drop them off in a residential neighborhood for 8-hours of aggressive door-to door sales.

"People won't leave the property, they go on property labeled 'no soliciting.' They're pushy. It often becomes confrontational," explained Lt. James Matheny of the Stamford Police Department.

Police say in the event a solicitor or salesperson comes to your door and is too aggressive or refuses to leave, do not elevate the situation to a confrontation.

Instead, call 911 and let the authorities settle the matter.