3 children pricked by needles at school

May 20, 2010 4:06:50 AM PDT
A boy in Harlem found needles outside a hospital and took them to school, where three children were pricked by them."He got stuck in the face at school," said the mother of one of the injured children.

Her 11-year-old child is a student at nearby P.S. 197, and he is one of three school children who were pricked by needles that are believed to be disposed of by patients connected to Harlem Hospital.

"A child that attends the school found the needles down the block," she said. "The needles were on the ground."

It happened at the school Wednesday, and the Department of Education confirms that the incident happened, saying the students were pricked by the needles and school administrators followed protocol.

"All parents were notified and students were tested," the Department of Education said in a statement.

But, it's Harlem Hospital protocol that these parents are questioning.

They say the needles were found outside a hospital clinic on 137th Street.

"They got to be more careful," said the mother.

She, along with her husband, didn't want to be identified in talking about their son's terrifying ordeal.

They felt compelled to speak out because they were concerned that other young children heading to school in the area could be put in danger as well.

Harlem Hospital said the incidents were under investigation. The Department of Education is investigating as well.

As for the children involved, they were tested for HIV, hepatitis, and other things and were put on medication.

They'll have to come back for more tests in about 3 months.