Police impersonator warning in Nassau Co.

June 1, 2010 3:45:47 PM PDT
Police released a sketch of a man they say tried to terrorize two drivers while impersonating a police officer on Sunday night.

"I have five kids and a wife and if they pull me over, what's the reason?" said Kato Peragine of Baldwin.

The first incident, happened on Grand Avenue in Baldwin.

Police say the suspect, drove in a white Mitsubishi, and slammed into the driver's door of another car, boxing the other driver in and forcing him to pull over.

He then flashed a badge and demanded the driver's license.

The victim escaped the car and ran across the street to this firehouse, where he called for help.

The fake cop drove away, only to strike again just 90 minutes later.

The next time it was at the intersection of Merrick and Front in East Meadow.

Police say he forced another car to the side of the road.

That driver also managed to get away.

Detectives say they have no idea what the police impersonator was after, or if he's targeted anyone else.

"Whatever the intent may be it is obviously very dangerous for somebody to be confronted by someone posing as a police officer when they're in fact not. Who knows what could happen? Could be abducted, could be robbed," said a Nassau County police officer.

The real police say they're confronting more and more impersonators lately.

So far this year, in Nassau County, more than 14 people have reported contact with a fake cop.