Burglars using distracting tactics in Nassau Co.

June 7, 2010 5:40:03 PM PDT
Nassau County police are looking for burglars who distract homeowners to commit their crime.

The latest attempt happened on Monday at 10:30 a.m. in Albertson.

According to detectives, the homeowner answered the front door of his Beverly Drive residence to a man who identified himself as a neighbor's fence contractor. He said he needed to check the property lines.

The homeowner followed the man into the back yard, while his wife remained inside.

Shortly thereafter, a second man entered the back yard, spoke in an unidentified foreign language to the first man, and then engaged the victim's wife in conversation at the back door.

Police said the second man entered the home through the rear door and, once inside, walked through the residence to the front door and called out to a third person to get a wheel barrow.

The second man and the wife then returned to the back yard. When the wife returned to the front of the home, she confronted the third man inside the front door. He said he was looking for his boss.

The three men then walked away from the area, headnig eastbound on Beverly Drive.

Police released the following descriptions:

  • Subject #1 (see above sketch): m/w, approx 50 years, 5'10", 190 lbs, thin beard, blue dress shirt, dark dress pants, possibly Eastern European;

  • Subject #2: m/w, 50 years, 5'11", 175 lbs, thin build, well dressed, possibly Eastern European;

  • Subject #3: m/w, 20's, approx 5'9", average build.

    Anyone with additional information about this or similar incidents is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. All callers will remain anonymous.

    Investigators say the same suspects may be responsible for incidents in Great Neck, Roslyn Heights and East Hills.

    Investigators said that information gathered so far indicates that a particular group of organized transient criminals commonly known as "Gypsies" are carrying out a series of burglaries and scams throughout Nassau County.

    Authorities said the "modus operendi" of these mostly Eastern Europeans is to drive in groups in a particular residential area in a car or van usually with out of state registration plates. One of them acts as a surveyor or a contractor, approaches the homeowners at their residences. While distracting the homeowner and leading them into their rear yard, other accomplices enter the home and commit a burglary.

    Police said residents can do to several things to protect themselves from being victimized by these individuals:

    1. Make sure your doors and windows are locked even when you are at home.

    2. Set your home burglar alarm system every time you leave your house even if it's for a short period of time. This group is known to watch as homeowners leave and immediately enter the vacant house.

    3. Lock valuables in a safe and don't leave cash and jewelry in a conspicuous place such as the bedrooms, kitchen, or counter.

    Residents should report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.


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