Mother accused of leaving 12-year-old home alone for week

June 11, 2010 2:20:16 PM PDT
A New Jersey mother is under arrest, accused of leaving her 12-year-old daughter home alone for almost a week with just $10-dollars.

She reportedly left her alone, because she was getting married in the state of Washington.

"It's just horrible that a mother would do that to their child," said neighbor Sharon Bruin.

That is the reaction in Mt. Olive township where residents along Hermanne drive tell Eyewitness News, they'd never even leave their dogs home alone for more than a day let alone a 12-year-old girl, by herself for a whole week.

Police say the girl's mom, 31-year-old Sarah Haines, who lives in the home is now accused of doing just that while she allegedly ran off to get married across the country.

Neighbors like Marie Sinisgalli were beginning to wonder. "And I did find it kind of weird that, I've been seeing the girl out like every day (with no mom)," she said.

Neighbors say they knew something was wrong when youth and family services arrived at the house, as well as police. A woman who lives on the other side of the house says she could hear the girl telling them her mom left her there with just $10.

People in the community say they are kind hearted people, and they wish the mom knew she had options.


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