Police say sex trafficking ring busted on Long Island

June 30, 2010 1:25:42 PM PDT
Police have announced a sex trafficking bust on Long Island.

The woman arrested is charged with threatening young Korean women with violence if they didn't become prostitutes. They had originally applied for jobs at the woman's nail salon.

A four month investigation turned up surveillance photos of the alleged madam and her prostitutes. Sexy costumes were confiscated and $20,000 worth of proceeds. Authorities say it was all part of a sex trafficking scheme to get rich.

The Suffolk County DA's office say 44-year-old Jin Hua Cui lured young Asian women in by promising them work at the nail salon. But investigators say it was more like a brothel

The women responded to ads in a Korean paper, and men were solicited on Craigs List, according to investigators. But police say the victims had no idea they were getting into prostitution, and once involved they couldn't get out.

Prosecutors say Cui, who is Chinese, used intimidation.

The surveillance photos show Cui being driven around by 53-year-old Sangyel Kuen. Authorities say they'd pick up the prostitutes every morning and drive them to two locations in Hicksville and Huntington station.

Cui ran a profitable operation and according to investigators she lives in a sprawling home in Flushing.