Power restored in Bronx apartment building

July 9, 2010 9:16:06 AM PDT
Despite a cooler start to the day, some residents in the Bronx had to deal with new power problems.

It appears power cables gave out during the night in part of Mott Haven.

It was dark, not to mention hot.

While pockets of the city had outages during this long hot week due to a grid stressed by record-high power usage, on east 146th street, a fire knocked out the lights and AC..

Not only that, the fire caused a build up of carbon monoxide forcing residents to clear out

"I had to stay at my friend's house until the fire department decided we could go back inside the building," said Fernando Rivera.

Once the building was ventilated, neighbors knew their homes were safe.

"My house, it was blazing hot, everyone was hot and sweaty," said Luis Suss.

But by mid -morning, power was restored, meaning a good night's sleep is hopefully in someone's future.

Con Ed and housing authority electricians spent hours trying to fix the problem.

Neighbors just hope they won't have to suffer through another long hot night anytime soon.