Stamford man arrested for killing trees

July 21, 2010 3:33:27 PM PDT
Sap oozed from the nine damaged trees in Stamford, as they're essentially bleeding to death.

On Monday night, nine trees in West Beach Park were "girdled."

That's the term for cutting a strip of bark all the way around a tree, altering the flow of water, sugars and starches that feed it.

The trees abut the backyard of Delian Naydenov.

The 32-year-old was arrested after police say he used a chainsaw to cut notches into the Ailanthus Trees, also known as the tree of heaven.

Naydenov's been charged with nine counts of criminal mischief.

Neighbor's say he said he was worried about the safety of his children.

City officials dispute that, saying Naydenov filed a complaint last year, not citing safety concerns, only that the trees shaded his vegetable garden.

The city refused the request to remove the trees which can grow up to 80 feet.

Officials say it's Naydenov's actions that made things dangerous.

In the end, the trees will have to come down.

New ones will be replanted in their places.

Naydenov will likely have to reimburse the city.